11 Best South Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi (Top Rated)

India is a land of many nations and the same can be said about the UAE, owing to the diverse settlement that it has had in the past several decades that has influenced its culture, fashion, and food. Abu Dhabi, being the capital city of the country, is the most reflective of this phenomenon. This cultural diaspora is mostly evident in the food choices that you see in the city, serving as heaven for food lovers.

The wide range that Indian food has in itself is worthy of amazement. Now, every region has its fans, but when it comes to South Indian cuisines, it can make even the best of those who have the ability to control their food temptations go weak in their knees. The rich aroma, healthy benefits, impeccable taste, and diverse dishes make South Indian dishes a favorite for many.

Therefore, to help you out in figuring out the best South Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi, we are presenting this list for you that will tell you where to find exactly what kind of South Indian cuisines to get the most authentic food experiences. So, for the sake of treating your taste buds, let’s find out which street you need to head to find these gems.

Top 11 South Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi for Authentic Taste

While you may wonder that Abu Dhabi has some of the best beaches, gorgeous landmarks, and architecture to offer, you might be pleasantly surprised that it can give the food capitals of the world a run for their money. This is especially true for South Indian dishes, and here are the best outlets in the city to find them.

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

Whoever said that you need to spend a fortune to taste good food needs to take a visit to the Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Providing lip-smacking South Indian delicacies at a rate that will save your pockets, we can’t imagine a better food joint than this one to start our list. With four branches in the city, you can head to them for any meal of the day – be it breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner.

Staying operational from 07:30 in the morning to 03:30 in the afternoon, it reopens again at 05:30 in the evening and stays open late in the night till 11:00 PM. On average, it will cost you just around AED 95 for two people to have a meal in this restaurant. Some of its specialties are Masala Dosa, Vada, and the all-inclusive Thalis.

Address: Al Salam Street, Al Zahiyah, E16, Abu Dhabi

Sangam Restaurant

If you are in Abu Dhabi and are looking for a place with a perfect ambiance that serves South Indian delicacies that will give you an enchanting experience, then Sangam restaurant is where you need to head to. Previously known as Southernwood restaurant, this vegetarian joint even though has changed its name, has made no such compromises with its food quality.

Their legacy is defined by the fact that they were amongst the first major vegetarian restaurants in the city to offer South Indian cuisines. The continued performance that they have showcased throughout the years has led them to transform from a small eatery to a large chain of restaurants with branches spread out around the UAE.

Some of their specialties include Sambar Rice, Tomato Rice, PodiUttapam, Chilly Onion Tomato Uttapam, Paper Roast Masala Dosa, Ghee Paper Masala Roast Dosa, Onion Rava Masala Dosa, RasamVadai, RavaUpma, Pongal Vada, and Curd Rice, among others.

Address: Al Markaziya

Taste of Kerala Restaurant

While South Indian dishes are mostly vegetarian, Taste of Kerala Restaurant adds a spin to the tale by providing experimental non-vegetarian versions of everyday South Indian cuisines that we have come to love. Of course, the vegetarian options are also served, but for all those food enthusiasts who can’t do without some meat and eggs on their platter and have wondered what it will be like to combine non-vegetarian items with the South Indian delicacies, this is your answer.

When you find yourself at this restaurant, you need to try their RavaDosa, Appam Egg Roast, Ghee Roast, Paper Dosa, ThattuDosa, Green Peas Curry, Cherupayaru Curry, Beef Dosa, ChickenDosa, and Mysore Masala Dosa, among others. On top of that, they have some delicious milkshakes in a variety of flavors that will help wash all your food down. So, don’t miss out on them.

Address: Old Passport Road, Al Danah, Zone 1.


Bringing the flavors of Keralite cuisines to the Middle East, Nalukettu is known for giving the people of Abu Dhabi a feel of the rich aroma and authentic taste of the regional recipes from the southern part of India. Dining here will instantly give you a nostalgic trip that will take you to the memory lanes of childhood spent in southern India, if you happen to be a resident of India.

And for those from outside India, the dishes at Nalukettuare a window to the food culture of Kerala, introducing you to the spices and aromas that make South Indian cuisines unique. It stays open from 12:00 in the noon to 03:00 in the afternoon and again serves dinner from 07:00 in the evening to 12:00 midnight. On average, you can expect to spend AED 100 for two people for a wholesome meal experience.

The items that you need to try out here are ChemmenUlarthiyathu, Nalukettu Special Beef Coconut Fry, KozhiVaraval, Mutton Coconut Fry, Neychoru, Varathuaracha Curry, NadanKozhi Curry, KuttanadanTharavu Roast, Fish Curry Meal, and of course, the Kerala Paratha, among others.

Address: Al Ain Palace Hotel, Al Markaziya

Malabar Chef Restaurant

Providing both buffet as well as takeaway services, the Malabar Chef Restaurant is an ideal place for both a day out with your family day as well as a lavish day with your date. The spacious interior seating makes their already incredible cuisines even more palatable.

Immerse yourself in the huge variety of rice alone – from Coconut to Jeera, from Curd to Tomato, from Ghee to Lemon Rice, you know it’s good when the carbs have such strong flavors. Other than that the KizhiPoratta Chicken, the KothuPoratta Beef, KothuParatta Chicken, KiziPoratta Mutton, etc. are of course, not to be missed as well.

One trip to the Malabar Chef Restaurant, and we are certain that you will not be able to stop yourself from coming back again and again. Furthermore, despite the fact that they provide some of the most unique traditional dishes both in the comfort of your home and a soothing ambiance in the restaurant, they are pretty affordable and easy on your pocket.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St, Near Safe Guard Office Equipment Al, Al Danah, Zone 1.


Swagath in Hindi literally translates to ‘Welcome’ in English and this restaurant couldn’t have been named more aptly because of how homely you feel when you enter it – both from the perspective of the nostalgic taste of its South Indian cuisines and also because of its familial ambiance. A fine dining experience with a homely feel is what you sign up for in this place.

It is one of the best places to head out early morning to get those steaming hot delicious breakfasts that will remind you of the authentic spices that make up South Indian dishes. Nothing is better than starting the day with a great deal of high-quality food that is also easy for your health.

Whether it is the Tomato Uthappam or Podi Onion Uthappam, Masala Dosa, or Onion RavaDosa, you will never run out of new options to try when you are at this highly-favoured and highly-flavoured restaurant. Moreover, in between trying the South Indian dishes, you can also get your hands on some mouth-watering North Indian dishes here as well. So, it is indeed the best of both worlds.

Address: Al Markaziya.

Coconut Lagoon Restaurant

A restaurant whose name in itself takes you to the beautiful landscape of Southern India – the Coconut Lagoon Restaurant is a paradise for those who are craving South Indian cuisine on the streets of Abu Dhabi. With a high focus on maintaining the authenticity of dishes so that people get to savor the richness of Indian foods, they leave no stone unturned to give people what they want.

This place has both an indoor as well as an outdoor setting for you to enjoy. So, whether you are on a date and want to enjoy the intimacy of an indoor environment or you are with your friends and want to chill out in the outside ambiance, you have the option to explore everything.

Apart from the regular dishes, you need to try their AvoliPollichathu, Masala Fried Squid, MeenPollichathu, KarimeenPollichathu, and Karimeen Fry, among others.

Address: Mussafah Industrial Area, M34, Behind KM Trading. 

Seven Hills Cafeteria

The Seven Hills Cafeteria understands how diverse the South Indian cuisines are in terms of when to consume them and that is why they stay open for longer hours than most of its peers, being open from 06:00 in the morning to 12:00 at midnight. They promise that the dishes you taste here are bound to elevate both the flavors of the food and your emotions.

When it comes to hygiene and authenticity, there is hardly a match for Seven Hills Restaurant. Any Indian who visits here can attest to how closely they follow the dishes to ensure they represent the originality of the recipes back home.

Some of the South Indian dishes popular in this joint are Masala Dosa, Butter Dosa, KattaDosa, RavaDosa, Egg Dosa, Mushroom Dosa, Onion Utthapam,Sambar Idly, Milky Idly, Medhu Vada, Ghee Pongal, and Upma, among others.

Address: 9 Al Hadar Street, Next to Vivi Studio Zone 1E9, Al Danah, Zone 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Chhappan Bhog Restaurant

Chhappan Bhog is one of the highly sought-after vegetarian South Indian restaurants that you will find in Abu Dhabi. Catering to vegetarians, it has since its inception made quite a place for itself among the hearts of the city folks who come by to this joint to get an authentic taste of South Indian cuisines.

From its eclectic collection of Dosas that include Masala, Butter Masala, Plain, Rava, Rava Masala, Mysore Plain, Paper Masala, Paneer, Chappan Bhog Special, Coconut Rava Masala, etc. to its wide range of Uttapam that includes Tomato, Onion, ChappanBhog Special, etc., they have it all.

Not to mention, it is also one of the best places in Abu Dhabi to get Indian sweets from. So, between the rich spices of the South Indian cuisines, feel free to indulge in the irresistible sweets that this place has to offer.

Address: Behind ADCB Bank – Al Salam St – Al Danah – Zone 1.

Calicut Notebook

Despite being relatively new in the business, having started its journey just a decade ago in 2012, Calicut Notebook has earned quite a positive reputation among the people of Abu Dhabi because of its focus on pioneering the world of fusion foods. They aim to serve the best South Indian cuisines in the UAE while also developing inspiring dishes from across the globe at affordable rates.

The culinary experience that you will witness here will leave you with a parting gift in your taste buds that you will cherish for a long time, and which will encourage you to come visit it again. This is why they have been constantly regarded by many food critics as exemplary figures in the world of gastronomy when it comes to Kerala fusion food.

Some of the dishes that you need to try from here are Angel Honey Wings, Crunchy Munchy Prawn, Corn and Butter Rice, Pineapple Uppilittath, Manga Uppilittath, Idicha Beef, Spicy Raw Mango Salad, ChemmeenPodi, KanthariCheriyulliChammanthi, Kairali, and Malabar Corn Salsa, among others.

Address: Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Madinat Zayed.

Saravanna Bhavan Restaurant

With a friendly staff, elegant environment, and traditional South Indian Cuisine, Saravanna Bhavan Restaurant never fails to create a good moment. It has a wide range of South Indian dishes on its menu and has some of the best filtered coffee that you can have in Abu Dhabi.

Among its popular items are South Indian Rasam, South Indian Masala Chaat, Kaima Idly, Podi Idly, Idly Fry, Chettinad Masala Idly, Manchurian Idly, Bangalore Benne Masala Dosa, Mushroom Masala Dosa, and Onion and Chilli Uthappam, among others. On average, it will cost you just AED 95 for two people’s meals. The joint stays open from 08:00 in the morning to 11:30 in the night.

Address: Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Madinat Zayed.


There is no dearth of South Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi but to choose the best among them, you need to have thorough research. Thankfully for you, we have overtaken that task and presented you with this list of the best South Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi. These restaurants specialize in imparting that rich aroma and authentic flavor that South Indian dishes are known for.

So, head out to them and have a meal that will linger in your mouth forever and make you come back to them time after time after time. Enjoy the spices of South Indian cuisines and develop anew appreciation for them altogether.

Disclaimer: The timings and price rates for each of the restaurants mentioned are subject to change. Please contact them before making a plan to visit their branch.