11 Best Places to Buy Second Hand Furniture in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the vibrant capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and exquisite taste. Amidst this opulence, second-hand furniture has gained popularity as a practical and sustainable choice for residents. Offering a diverse range of high-quality furnishings at affordable prices, the second-hand furniture market in Abu Dhabi has become a treasure trove for those seeking unique and budget-friendly pieces.

This thriving market caters to various tastes and preferences, from elegant sofas and dining sets to stylish wardrobes and decor items. With its commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability, Abu Dhabi’s second-hand furniture scene not only offers incredible value but also allows residents to contribute to a greener future.

If you are looking for second-hand furnishings and decor items for your place, head straight to Mussafah. This district houses almost all used furniture stores in the city. As you read along, you will find that most of the shops listed are located in this area. Since it is a popular second-hand furnishings and appliances market, you can get some attractive deals and the fun of choosing the best fit from a range of choices for your home or office.

As a connoisseur of high-quality used furnishings, this is where your weekends will be enriched, while you can also plan to visit some of the happening places in Abu Dhabi for free side-by-side.

1. Sadra Shop

This top-of-line furniture shop was established in the UAE in 1993. It is a buying and selling shop with a team of well-trained professionals.

It is one of the first second-hand furniture shops in the city. One of the best buyers of used furnishings, the outlet actively revives antique furniture. The team is also engaged in enhancing the elegance of furnishing designs.

Besides buying old sofa sets, and bedroom and living room sets, Sadra Shop also buys and sells used electronic items and home appliances.

Location: Ad Doja 3 St – Musaffah – Musaffah Industrial – Abu Dhabi

2. Galaxy Shop

Whether you want to sell used furbishings or home appliances in Abu Dhabi, this is one of the most reliable shops. Propagating the effectiveness of recycling and helping the environment, Galaxy is an excellent place to stop by for sellers and buyers both.

The shop offers a comprehensive range of commercial and residential gamut services, from luxury and high-end furniture to a royal collection, used electronic items, decor pieces, and curtains. In-house carpenters help in the repair and fixing of second-hand furniture. Other than this, the Galaxy Shop provides sofa upholstery services and professional movers and packers services provided by the Galaxy Shop.

This is the place to head if you want to furnish your place with used upscale Italian or Ikea furniture.

Location: M-40 Building# 15 Shop# 7 – Mussafah, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

3. Al Thani Shop

Al Thani has been in the business of used furniture for almost 30 years now. The process is simple – they buy direct from sellers who wish to dispose of their furnishings and sell the same items to interested buyers. The store delivers and pickups from all across Abu Dhabi.

Interested buyers and sellers can also take advantage of the online store of Al Thani. The family-owned store has “something for everyone” with shifting and moving services.

Location: Plot 60 – Shop 5 -Ad Doja 3 St – Musaffah Industrial M40 – Abu Dhabi

4. Amana Furniture Buyers

The Amana Used Furniture store has been around for almost 30 years now. Open on all days of the week, the store not just specializes in selling and purchasing used home and office furnishings and second-hand appliances.

This place offers affordable prices to buyers while ensuring top-quality items are thoroughly inspected before sale. It is a family-owned business with an incredible range of items. The store has a policy of offering a discounted price if buyers can find a better price for an identical item at another furniture shop.

Location: 39 14th St – Musaffah – M-39 – Abu Dhabi

5. Najm Al Rokhen

Najm Al Roken in Mussafah is a preferred place for sellers and buyers of used furniture. With the guarantee of quality and the best price, you are sure that you will get the best deal here. The store has a credible stock of residential and commercial used furniture, household items, and home appliances.

Here you can sell your used items from the bedroom, like king-size, queen-size, single beds, tables, cupboards, chest of drawers, dressing tables, and living room furniture like sofa sets, dining tables, tea tables, armchairs, bar stools, etc. Pickup services are available for sellers. Used Arabic Majlis are also bought and sold here.

You can visit their physical store, call them for sale purposes, and buy the best-used home and office furnishings from their online store. There is a mix-and-match of brands, designs, and colors.

Location: Mussafah 40, Abu Dhabi UAE

6. Abu Aryam

With 25+ years of experience in this market, Abu Aryam is another used furniture showroom in Abu Dhabi, located in Mussafah. From furnishing the master bedroom at your home to buying unique and regal stuff for your kids’ room, you get an exhaustive range here.

The store promises to offer genuine and best-quality items at the most competitive prices. Interested sellers and buyers can also contact the store for used office furnishings and old appliances. They also provide additional value add-on services like installation, repair, pickup, and drop.

Some brands the store specializes in selling and purchasing include Moviemobel, Bild Italia, Emilio Barcelona, Dreihaus, and Innovative Living.

Location: Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi

7. Four Stars

Four Stars is another reliable store in Abu Dhabi that buys and sells second-hand furnishings and fixtures. From bedroom sets to used washing machines, crockery sets, electronic items, hotel furniture, dressing tables, etc., there are many choices for buyers and sellers.

Pickup services are free for sellers. The company representatives first visit your address and inspect the items you want to sell. The store offers its inspection services across Abu Dhabi.

Location: Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

8. Dahlia Used Furniture Store

With over 100 members and 80 customers, Dahlia is one of the oldest used furniture stores in Abu Dhabi. It is about 50 years old. The CEO and founder of Dahlia Store is Sarrison Samuel. Located in the second-hand furniture district of Mussafah, this is a paradise for buyers and sellers of used appliances and furnishings.

Used sofas, beds, baby beds, cupboards, dining tables, and office and home furnishings, Dahlia has an extensive range of premium products. There is a guarantee of the condition and authenticity of the furnishings and appliances. Price is also another area of top priority for the store.

Sofas are available in various materials like silk, wool, linen, and leather. Items are available in a wide range of selections, from modern to antique pieces.

Location: Near Express Al Madeena Hypermarket – M-40, Mussafah

9. Dubizzle

Any UAE local knows that Dubizzle is one of the country’s popular marketplaces online, where one can buy and sell almost everything. It is also one of the most-used job search listing websites too. If you want to buy or sell used furniture, and that too without stepping out of your home, this is the place to go.

All that you need to have is a smartphone or your laptop and internet connection. Type in your requirement, for example, a used sofa set, in the search bar, and you will have a list of sofas available in the inventory for sale. You can use their website or download the app to search, sell, or buy.

To sell, you need to sign-up and log in as a seller and place your ad. Since it is an online portal, it is convenient to browse second-hand furnishings from the comfort of the indoors.

Location: Online

10. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is another comfortable way of buying and selling items, especially second-hand items. It is simple to use too. Just open the site link, browse through the listings and available items, and contact the seller for items you are interested in.

If you wish to sell, you must advertise your product to help buyers find you. Being online means, you can browse hundreds of choices at ease, at your pace, to find the right one.

Location: Online

11. Welcome Used Furniture

An eco-friendly business, Welcome, was set up to benefit society. The showroom encourages people to reuse and recycle items for home and office furbishing and prevents them from filling up landfills. Welcome Store deals in selling and purchasing second-hand household items and furniture.

The store also offers buyers affordable options and attractive deals to sellers. The showroom deals exclusively in used living room, bedroom, dining room furniture, and home appliances.

Sellers can use the World’s App or website to sell their items. They can also be contacted via call or email.

Location: Musaffah – M-37 – Abu Dhabi

Things to Remember When Shopping Second-Hand Furniture

Used furnishings help save money. These also help achieve a more sustainable planet since the item is getting recycled. Additionally, there’s a history attached to the items, and you can take pride in the same. Keep these in mind while shopping:

  • Look for genuine items. The chances of dealing in fake appliances and furnishings are probably comparatively higher on online platforms where connecting with the seller can become a challenge. If you buy from a brick-and-mortar store, you can always contact the shop and have things addressed to suit your requirements.
  • Look for online or offline stores offering free pickup and drop services.
  • If the store offers a warranty, it could be a perfect deal for you. Ensure that you address the same with the shop beforehand.
  • Lastly, remember most stores claim to offer the best deal, but there is always scope for negotiation.


The second-hand furniture market in Abu Dhabi has become a dynamic and thriving industry, offering residents a practical and sustainable alternative to buying new. With its wide selection of high-quality and affordable furnishings, this market caters to the diverse tastes and budgets of the city’s residents.

By embracing second-hand furniture, individuals save money and contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Abu Dhabi’s commitment to creating a greener future is evident in the popularity of the second-hand furniture scene, where residents can find unique and stylish pieces that breathe new life into their homes while minimizing their ecological footprint.