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The need for labor force is inevitable for commercial success. Finding the right people, especially in a country like the UAE, can be a smooth process with the help of a professional manpower supply company.

UAE is a hub for expats looking for better opportunities and lifestyles. Even the local population is highly skilled and trained for various job functionalities.

Thanks to the large-scale efforts by the government, the country has registered phenomenal growth in almost all sectors, including education, technology, construction, healthcare, hospitality, and more. Workers get the benefits of zero income tax, fair wages, humane working conditions, timely payouts, etc.

Higher positions, such as managers and directors, are provided with additional perks that underline the UAE’s commitment to attracting top-tier talent. These perks include car rental allowances, furnished housing accommodations, and comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Manpower supply in the UAE falls under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. These agencies offer comprehensive support to businesses in finding, selecting, and recruiting the right talent for different job roles, providing help with permanent and temporary hiring.

Determine What Type of Manpower Your Business Needs

Staffing suppliers in the UAE can recruit contractual staff and temporary or permanent employees depending upon the specific business requirements. It is, therefore, crucial to carry out an internal assessment to pinpoint the exact HR requirements.

Are you looking for employees to handle the seasonal demands, or do you want to recruit permanent employees with long-term commitments? When precise requirement mapping is done, the chances of selecting the right consultant improve.

Also, it is crucial to cross-check that the staffing agency has expertise and experience in your industry and domain. Not just that, the agency should also be competent in hiring for designations and job roles as per your company’s requirements.

The agency should have proficiency and a proven track record in core HR activities like screening resumes, sourcing candidates, access to an existing talent pool, selection processes, etc.

All in all, the labor supply company should be able to contribute meaningfully to your employee investment.

10 Leading Manpower Suppliers in Abu Dhabi

1] World Star Manpower Solutions

World Star Manpower Solutions has over 15 years of experience in the UAE. Ensuring strict compliance with the Ministry of Labor regulations, this Abu Dhabi-based agency offers staffing solutions across the UAE.

World Star Manpower has completed about 1,500 projects, has more than four offices in the UAE, and has placed about 7,000+ individuals. It has a credible pool of skilled workforce.

Headed by Nishad Hussain, Chairman, and Haseena Nishad, Managing Director, the company’s key strengths include its penchant for offering tailor-made solutions to clients, flexibility in contracting, cost-effectiveness, fast turn-around time, and 24/7 support services.

Key services

World Star Manpower offers exclusive services for blue-collar and white-collar jobs. It provides hiring solutions to companies in industries like Electrical, Banking, Education, Healthcare, IT, Oil and Gas, Law, Civil Construction, etc. The domains served include mechanical, cleaning services, marketing, and more.

2] Marmoon Manpower Supply

Marmoon Manpower Supply is another top-of-the-line workforce supplier in Abu Dhabi. The agency was set up about six years ago and, to date, has delivered more than 1,000 projects, hiring about 4,000 people.

The company is headed by Haseena Nishand, Managing Director, and on-ground operations are managed by Shahjahan, Assistant General Manager, and Muhamed Shahid, Branch Manager. The agency offers efficient staffing solutions in diversified sectors with expertise in a multi-level gamut across the UAE.

Key services

Marmoon is an established player in the recruitment industry in the UAE, serving sectors like oil and gas, Infrastructure Development, Agriculture, Construction, Logistics, Automobile, Power and utility, Hospitality, Transportation, and Manufacturing.

It also offers practical and effective solutions to trades like plumbing, civil, electrical, mechanical, driving, cleaning, and fit-out works.

3] ADMS (Abu Dhabi Manpower Supply)

ADMS is an ISO 9001-certified workforce outsourcing company based in Abu Dhabi. Established in 1980, it is one of the oldest service providers in the niche in the UAE.

The services encompass top-of-the-line sourcing, recruitment solutions, and staff. As a licensed agency, ADMS offers human resources under their sponsorship, which reduces clients’ stress regarding various hiring issues like insurance, labor laws, compensation, and accommodation.

Besides its local presence in the UAE, the company also offers solutions through channel partners throughout Asia. The agency has professional competency, high ethical standards, expertise, and operational efficiency.

Key Services

Their services are offered across top management and middle and junior-level management. The sectors covered by the company are Construction, Hospitality, oil and gas, Power, Manufacturing, Marine, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Desalination plant, Real Estate, Logistics, Banking, and General Trading.

4] Pure Star Employment

Pure Star Employment is a well-known Middle East staffing company offering customer-centric solutions. The agency has a commendable pool of skilled and semi-skilled candidates, which helps them meet all kinds of workforce requirements of their clients in the shortest possible time.

Offering end-to-end services, the company screens and tests the candidates’ suitability for the required trade before selecting.

Key Services

The company offers top-notch solutions in different sectors like Engineering Supervisors, Grader Driver / Operators, Civil and Mechanical, Draftsman (Civil, Mechanical, Architectural), Diesel / Petrol Mechanics, Bulldozer Operators, Tractor/ Trailer Drivers, Marine technicians, Earth Moving Equipment Operators / Mechanics, Shovel / Excavator Operators, and Mobile Crane Operators.

Services offered include recruitment, Service Agreements, Demand Letters, documentation, and other necessary steps during the recruitment process.

5] Spectra Force

Spectra Force is an accomplished Blue Collar and White collar recruitment service provider. With an established reputation in the UAE market, the agency is an expert in matching talents and expertise as per the job requirements of its clients.

They are among the few in the region offering innovative, adaptable, focused, high-quality, cost-effective workforce solutions.

Key services

The company offers services in the blue-collar and white-collar niches. The agency’s key industries include construction, electrical, mechanical, and civil domains.

The company has Building Construction, Road Construction, Facility Management, and Security expertise. Other than that, the company helps with roles in supervisory capacities in sectors like mechanical, plumbing, and electrical.

In the blue-collar domain, the agency assists labor-intensive industries like trash removal, agriculture, and landscaping. They boast a vast talent pool of certified plumbers, electricians, and unskilled laborers readily available for recruitment.

6] JoinTech

An ISO 9001-certified company, JFMS Group is one of the top land-based Labour supply companies in Abu Dhabi. It has a presence in all the emirates in the UAE. The company has been around for the past 12 years.

They’re known for offering reliable services across multiple domains and industries for seasonal, short, and long-term hiring.

Key services

The industries served by JoinTech include Oil and Gas, Electrical Works, Hospitality, Mechanical Construction, Civil Construction, Event management, Marine, Agriculture, Shopping centers, solar and power plants, Residential and Commercial Cleaning.

7] Euro Mechanical

Euro Mechanical offers top-of-the-line recruiting solutions in the UAE across three main categories – international contractors, operating companies, and specialist service suppliers.

The agency has helped recruit about 1,000 personnel so far. They have a ready-to-use database and work with a network of International Recruitment Agents in European countries.

Key services

Services offered include maintenance activities, long-term operations, short-term basis, project teams, specialist support teams and other projects executed at the site.

The job roles that the company hires include Fabrication teams (fabricators, welders, pipefitters, and Helpers), Electrical and Instrument Engineers, Mechanical Fitters, Riggers, Instrument Fitters, Hydro jetters, Mechanical,  Drivers, Draughtsman, Supervisors, Scaffolders, Foremen and Technicians, Electricians, Process & Wellhead Operators, Technical clerical support staff and many more.

They also offer QA/QC roles in services like Hydro jetting Services, Fire and Gas Detection Services,  Rigging Services, Fabrication Services, Repair and Modification works, and more.

8] Sawaeed Employement LLC

Sawaeed Employment, a part of Sawaeed Holding, was founded in 2006 by about 16 UAE citizens. In the past decade and more, about 450 companies have been served by the agency, and it has helped recruit about 120,000 white and blue-collar job positions.

Key services

The company offers exclusive services in oil and gas (Onshore and Offshore), Hospitality, Offices, Transport, Retail, Government Offices, Landscaping, Facility Management, Transport, Catering, and more.

The agency helps hire white and blue-collar workers for the private and public sectors in IT, sales and marketing, HR, customer service, debt collection, legal, R&D, etc.

9] JAMS Solutions

JAMS is one of the oldest workforce suppliers in Abu Dhabi. JAMS started in 1978 with about 25 employees and grew to almost 4,500.

The company has built unmatched credibility in offering customized solutions and value-added payroll and benefits management services for temporary to permanent, contractual, and seasonal workers and employees.

Key services

The agency offers solutions in industries like Automation, Aviation, Finance and banking, Hospitality and food services, oil and gas and Energy, Retail and supply chain, Technology and IT, and more.

Services encompass executive search, HR Outsourcing company, manpower supply, contract staffing, recruitment, PEO services, and HR Compliance.

10] Smooth

Established in 2005, Smooth is among the top ten staffing companies in Abu Dhabi. They offer blue-collar and white-collar jobs workforce.

The agency has a dedicated workforce-sourcing solutions network from countries like Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana, Sri Lanka, and India. They’re best known for quality compliance with deadlines and timely deliveries.

Key services

The company specializes in blue-collar, white-collar, hospitality, and domestic staff services. They also have expertise in staffing solutions for oil and gas, Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics, Supply Chain, Civil, and MEP.

Bottom Line

The economic progress of the UAE heavily relies on the provision of labor. Different industries within the nation depend on a consistent influx of workers; this is where human resources and workforce supply agencies play a vital role.

These agencies specialize in assisting to bridge the disparity between labor requirements and availability, aligning skills with the diverse needs of various organizations.

The firms listed here boast a well-established history, with several being around for over a century. As a result, they possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to deliver optimal and economically efficient workforce solutions for domestic and international enterprises.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Answers About Labour Supply Here:

What do labor supply companies do?

A company specializing in labor-related recruitment solutions is called a labor supply organization. They help find and hire the right candidate or talent per the client organization’s requirements.

They link the vast talent pool and the corporate sector, helping promote a holistic workforce ecosystem. Whether the requirement is for a temporary or a specialized workforce, labor supply companies assist in finding and selecting the right fit per the job description.

How do I choose the right manpower supplier for my business?

When hiring the right supplier, it is crucial to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Understand the experience and expertise of the company in your specific sector/industry.
  • Get an understanding of the reputation of the agency by communicating with its existing clientele.
  • Communicate with the company about the specific job roles and designations to comprehend the talent pool they can access.
  • Evaluate their rates and agreement terms and conditions for cost–effectiveness and relevancy.

Are there any legal considerations when hiring through a staffing company?

Every UAE business entity needs to operate per local laws and regulations. The workforce industry, too, is governed by certain legal compliances. When hiring a regional staffing agency, you must ensure they meet all statutory compliances and local laws.