FAB Bank Balance Check Online

The First Abu Dhabi Bank, popularly known as FAB, is the biggest bank in the United Arab Emirates. FAB was formed in 2017 when the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, or NBAD, merged with First Gulf Bank, or FGB. It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi at the Khalifa Business Park and offers a comprehensive range of tailor-made corporate, investment, and personal banking solutions.

Bank account holders at the First Abu Dhabi Bank can quickly check their bank account balance offline and online. The online method is easier and more convenient. You only need a laptop or smartphone to check the balance within a few seconds.

How to Check My FAB Balance Offline?

In this method, you need to go to any First Abu Dhabi Bank ATM and use your card to get an update on the balance. Take out your ATM card and insert it into the machine. Once you enter the PIN and select the Check Balance option, you can see your current account balance.

This is a viable option when a branch or an ATM is close-by. It is a good alternative when your internet connection is weak, or there are technical issues, and the bank’s online services are affected.

On the con side, you will have to go out and reach the ATM physically.

How to Check My FAB Balance Online?

First Abu Dhabi Bank empowers its corporate clients and individual customers to support their growth aspirations. It has a customer-friendly approach, and online checking of the account balance is one of the many features the bank offers its esteemed customers.

Here is a step-by-step description to enable you to check your account balance in FAB.

Method 1: Use the FAB web portal

This method requires a computer or laptop with a secure Wi-Fi connection in order to check the balance. You must also keep your First Abu Dhabi Bank prepaid card ready to make the process fast and effective.

Step 1: Visit the official website of FAB – https://ppc.bankfab.com/PPCInquiry/

Step 2: The screen that opens has two boxes where you need to fill in the details of your FAB prepaid card number. The card bears a 16-digit number.

  • In the first box, you need to fill in the card number’s last two digits.
  • In the second box, you must fill in the 13-digit number or the Ratibi Card ID. The number is present on the card, and you will find it on the left-hand side, on the lower end.

Step 3: To proceed, you need to click on the ‘Go’ button.

Within seconds, your bank balance will be displayed on the screen. Other than that, you will also see details of the last ten transactions conducted from this account. It is the best opportunity to validate details like the transaction amount, date of transaction, etc.

Method 2: Use the FAB Mobile App

The First Abu Dhabi Bank Mobile App facilitates faster and smoother checking of your bank account balance. You must use your smartphone instead of a laptop or a computer.

Here are the steps to use this method –

Step 1: The first step is downloading the app on your mobile.

  • If you use an Android phone, visit the Google Play Store to download the app.
  • If you use iOS, visit the App Store to install it on your handphone.

Step 2: Complete the initial formalities of creating your account and signing up for the app. This applies to new and first-time users. If you have an existing account, sign in. Remember your details need to be accurate for access.

Follow the below steps to create a new account on the FAB Mobile App:

  • You will be prompted to enter either your customer ID or Debit Card Number.
  • Next, you will receive a split password on your mobile number as well as your registered email id. Enter this password on the app to proceed further.
  • Next, create a unique PIN of six digits.
  • After this step, you can use the app and sign in to check the balance.

Step 3: After logging into the account, you will see the tab ‘Manage Your Account.’ This tab can be used to

  • Check your account balance
  • Glimpse the details of your transactions
  • Subscribe to e-statements and download your statements
  • Send in a request for checkbooks
  • Request for IBAN

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Can I check my FAB Salary Account Balance?

If you have a salary account in the First Abu Dhabi Bank, you can check the account balance using your ATM card at the nearest ATM center, the official website, or the First Abu Dhabi Bank Mobile App. You can refer to the instructions given above for a balance check.

What else can I do with FAB Mobile App besides checking the account balance?

You can manage your account, credit and debit cards, loans, savings, and information like uploading personal documents like passport, visa details, mobile numbers, emails, etc. You can also earn points and redeem them for FAB rewards, get shop-exclusive deals, and a range of other benefits.

What are the eligibility criteria to avail of FAB or NBAD prepaid cards?

The criteria are

  • The employer should have a First Abu Dhabi Bank Account.
  • The employee should be a UAE resident.
  • The KYC details of the employee should be complete and updated.

What are the benefits of the Rabiti Card?

This card is one of the best ways to manage money in the UAE. It is free of cost and applies to all UAE residents. There is no requirement for a minimum balance with zero monthly fees. It can be used as a debit or credit card with the facility of using it anywhere around the world. Your monthly salary can be credited to the Rabiti Card. Along with this, you can use the card for bill payments and or online shopping.