Fun Things to do on Al Hudayriat Island

To the south of Abu Dhabi downtown lies Al Hudayriyat Island, the Emirates’ latest adventure destination. The Al Bateen Beach connects the island to the mainland through the 19th Street extension. The island is a waterfront project spread over 3,000 hectares, almost as big as the main city island. It is famously known as the Hudayriyat Leisure & Entertainment District. 

The year was 2009 when the Hudayriyat Island Project was announced, and UAE’s longest suspension bridge was completed. It connected the main city island to a deserted land full of sand. The bridge was aptly named ‘the bridge to nowhere‘ as it literally did not take anyone anywhere except the sandy terrain, which is today famous as Al Hudayriat Island.  

It had a partial launch in May 2018. Ever since, it has served as the perfect getaway for the natives and tourists alike. In the initial years of opening, the project boosted a 600-meter beach, a playground for kids, cycling tracks, running tracks, one bouncy castle, and a few water sports activities. The hanging bridge costing about AED 184 million, is now the pathway that leads visitors and tourists from the main island to Abu Dhabi’s most happening place called the Hudayriyat Recreation Project. 

Without further ado, let’s move to the different kinds of fun activities that you can do at Hudayriat Island. 

A Day by the Hudayriyat Mar Vista Beach 

The 600-km stretch seawater and beach is just the ideal place to relax, unwind, and chill. It is an idyllic spot to watch the sunrise and set. It was once used by pearl divers but today it is a community destination with lifeguards patrolling the entire area. 

At the beach itself, there are multiple loungers, umbrellas, ready-to-use showers, and toilets.  

Entry to the Hudayriyat Mar Vista Beach is free. It is open to the public from 0800 hours till 1900 hours daily. 

Marsana waterfront promenade 

The Marsana Promenade is an amazing place with innumerable eating joints, both indoor and outdoor options with beach access. The waterfront promenade is also the entertainment district of Al Hudayriat Island.  

There are numerous retail outlets here along with food and beverage options ranging from fine dining to fast food, grab-and-go food carts, and trucks along the seaside. 

To top it off, there are art installations, a marina, and also a skate park for extra fun and enjoyment. This is a wonderful place where you can sit, dine, unwind and click some amazing Instagrammable clicks as memories. 

Adventure Activities at Circuit X 

If you are seeking a thrill and wish to challenge your innate adventurous spirit, Circuit X is the answer. For all age groups, this place has something to offer. All of this is right next to the Hudayriyat Mar Vista Beach, at the Marsana waterfront promenade. The Circuit has four exclusive parks.  

It features a splash park for kids with a dedicated play area and a swimming pool. For health enthusiasts, there’s an outdoor gym. Plus, there’s an endless network of cycle tracks. You can venture out and try your hands at skating at the skate park. You can row in banana boats, play beach volleyball, and indulge is some adrenalin-pumping jet skiing activities. 

All the parks are open on all days. These are the fun activities possible at these four exclusive parks: 

Splash Park  

This one is a dream-come-true place for the little ones. There are wet and dry areas for kids to go on a wild chase. There’s a dedicated pool and a Pirate’s Playground. There are splash fountains too for the ultimate fun making Splash Park one of the must-visit places in Abu Dhabi for kids. 

All the activities of children at Splash Park are monitored by trained and dedicated coaches. It is mandatory that kids aged between one and three years are accompanied by an adult – a parent or a guardian. Kids aged four and above can be left at the park in the care of the coaches.  

Entry to Splash Park is chargeable.  

Skate Park 

Head off to Skate Park even if you have no idea about skating. The Park has training areas if you are a beginner. There are also specified zones for handrails, bowls for shredders, quarter pipes, and ledges.  

Street-style bridges and walls exist here; for endless fun. There are professional coaches around if you are keen on one-to-one private lessons. The gears that you need to mandatorily carry are the helmet and closed shoes.  

Kids below five years are not allowed inside. The Skate Park has a special allotted time, from 2000 hours to 2200 hours, for kids aged thirteen and above. 

Entry is on a paid basis. 

Ropes Park 

Another exhilarating area that cannot be missed at the Al Hudayriat Island is the Ropes Park. This is where one can catch unmissable views of the skyline of Abu Dhabi and also glimpse through the panoramic views of the sea.  

What you have here? A 3-level rope course that comprises of a 100-meter zipline, and almost 31 obstacles. Additionally, there’s a 13-meter-long free-fall jump circuit, and a climbing wall that’s almost 50-feet tall.  

There are three color-coded zones for different age groups. The zones have been earmarked keeping in mind the height and weight restrictions of participants. The Green Circuit is for kids aged between seven and ten years. The Blue Circuit is appropriate for kids between eleven and fourteen years. And, the Black Circuit is marked out for people aged fifteen years and more. 

One of the prerequisites for participating at Ropes Park is closed shoes. You are not allowed to take part in any of the activities if you are not wearing closed shoes. 

Entry is chargeable.

BMX Park 

If you are a biker or have any pent-up dream to be one, this is the place to stop by. The Park has UAE’s largest asphalt pump track. Get ready to showcase your biking skills and perform some heart-pumping actions. There’s a fun dirt trail that features almost 15 corners. Then, there are undulated hilly terrains, ramps, and more exciting terrains. 

If you are still not a pro at biking, there’s no need to worry. There are trained coaches on hand who will guide you with suggestions and tips.  

There are age restrictions to participate in all the activities at BMX Park. The minimum age of each participant has to be seven years. For kids between seven years and twelve years, it is mandatory that they are accompanied by a parent or a guardian. Kids above twelve years are permitted entry without supervision. 

Closed shoes and helmets are mandatory for entering the Park and being a part of the biking activities. 

Entry is on a paid basis.

OCR Park 

The Park is home to the largest obstacle course in the UAE. There are two separate courses for kids and adults and each course comprises eight challenges that test the endurance and fitness levels of the individuals. The OCR Park is fitted with the latest technology and gadgets for bringing about momentous experiences for visitors. 

Besides the courses, there is a training area, separate changing rooms, and showers for men and women. The various obstacles in the adult course include: 

  • A wooden wall that is 10 feet tall and flat, testing your endurance and strength to the core. 
  • A high-angled ramp is inclined at 45° and requires you to race up to get to the top. 
  • Next, is the low-lying barbed wire where you need to get as low as possible and crawl to the exit point on a bed of soft sand. 
  • A mix of climbing and monkey bars testing the muscle strength of your hands. 
  • Climb to the top of the Tank over cargo & barbed nets. 
  • Climb up an 8-foot-tall wooden wall – this one is inclined but placed the wrong way. 
  • Escape Path takes you to the 10-foot flat wooden wall again. 
  • Finally, there’s the Drill Instructor that sits at an angled slope. Participants need to run at their fastest speed and leap to reach the top. 

Glamping at the Al Hudayriat Island 

Make camping a fun and leisurely activity at the Bab Al Nohoum which has been designed to offer luxurious glamping rendezvous to visitors. Operated by the Mawaird Hotels and Hospitality, Bab Al Nohoum is an eco-friendly resort complex where you can hire camper vans, tents, etc., and spend the night under the stars in a glamorous style.  

What is there at the site? There are well-appointed duplexes and chalet tents, all of them sustainable and lavishly serviced. There are also camper vans and beachside camps available.  

The duplex tent can accommodate up to four people simultaneously and is a great option for small families for a night out. Then there are lodge-styled chalets in the form of tents that have enough space for six people. Both, the duplex and the chalet tents, have their private plunge pools. 

Each tent includes a mini-kitchen, luxurious beds, and private bathrooms. All the tents are air-conditioned and have Wi-Fi.  

The camper vans have been styled in a vintage format. There are three such vans, each with a kitchenette, toiletries, and cosy beds. The vans are AC-fitted and have Wi-Fi.  

The beachside camps take you even closer to nature. The rustic essence of the 17 camps is highlighted by their canvas tents. Available in different sizes, the fun gets to the next level as you need to share a lot of your space with others. For example, there are communal bathrooms and beach showers.  

All the accommodation types at the site can avail 24 hours room services and free parking. Besides, the tents and the camps, there’s the open-air restaurant called 28° with multiple juice bars, barbeque stations, and one snack bar. You can enjoy the outdoor cinema and a bonfire. There’s a dedicated kid’s play area and a festival lawn. Non-motorized water sports activities are also available for the daring ones. 

The Hudayriat Heritage Trail 

This is one trail that you will not want to miss especially if you are a keen historical enthusiast. Al Hudayriat Island has a proud history. It served as the home for pearl divers for ages. The Mawarid Hotels and Hospitality take you on a Heritage Trail of the Island where you get really close to nature. You also get to know the historical past of the island. 

321 Sports 

This is another venue for sports lovers who are looking at some great indoor and outdoor sporting activities. There’s a gym, a kids’ zone, a bike studio, and a café that are open to members as well as guests on a paid basis. There are four basketball courts, 4 beach volleyball courts, and 4 volleyball courts. There is one full-sized football arena (outdoors). There are courts for badminton and paddle tennis too. 

321 Sports also has a 2 km running track and one 10 km floodlight-lit bike track. Visitors are allowed to hire bikes and other sporting equipment from 321 Sports on a paid basis. 


Is it free to visit Al Hudayriyat Island? 

There is no entry fee to enter Hudayriyat Island.  Yes, entry is free here, but there are tickets for different areas and activities. 

Can you swim at the Al Hudayriyat beach? 

Yes, you can swim at Hudayriyat Beach.  

What is the location of Al Hudayriyat Beach? 

The island or the beach is located towards the south of downtown Abu Dhabi, opposite Al Bateen. 

What is the ticket cost to enter OCR Park?  

The cost of the ticket on weekdays is AED 100 and on weekends is AED 150. 

What are the charges at Circuit X?   

Here are the details of the entry charges at Circuit X: 

  • AED 20 at the Skate Park. Valid for 1 hour. 
  • AED 50 for Splash Park & Climb Park. Valid for 1 hour. 
  • AED 40 at the BMX Track. Valid for 1 hour. 
  • AED 55 for High Ropes Park. Includes two circuits.  

Is Circuit X open on all days? What are the timings? 

Circuit X is open on all days. The timings are 0900 hours till 2300 hours. There are age group-related staggered timings for Skate Park and BMX Park on weekends. Visitors are requested to obtain all details from the official website before making their plans. 

Is the cycle/bike track at 321 Sports chargeable? How many loops are there? 

The bike track at 321 Sports is free to access. There are no charges to use this facility. There are four loops: 3 km, 5 km, 8 km, and 10 km. 

What are the charges of the Hudayriat Heritage Trail? 

On weekdays, the charge is AED 100 per person, and on weekends, the charge is AED 150 per person. 

How many running tracks are there at 321 Sports? And, what are the charges? 

There are two running tracks at 321 Sports: The jogging Track and the Athletics Track. The Jogging Track is free to use, while to use the Athletics Track, the charge is AED 50 per hour per person. 

What is the best time to visit Al Hudayriat Island? 

Between September till May, it is ideal to visit Al Hudayriat Island though from December to March, the place is mostly packed as it is peak tourist season.